From Margarita Montimore, the author of GMA Book Club pick and national bestseller Oona Out of OrderActs of Violet is a dazzling and twisty new novel about a famous magician who disappears, leaving her sister to figure out what really happened.

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Nearly a decade ago, iconic magician Violet Volk performed her greatest trick yet: vanishing mid-act. Though she hasn’t been seen since, her hold on the public hasn’t wavered. While Violet sought out the spotlight, her sister Sasha, ever the responsible one, took over their mother’s salon and built a quiet life for her daughter, Quinn. But Sasha can never seem to escape her sister’s orbit or her memories of their unresolved, tumultuous relationship. Then there’s Cameron Frank, determined to finally get his big break hosting a podcast devoted to all things Violet—though keeping his job hinges on an exclusive interview with Sasha, the last person who wants to talk to him.

As the ten-year anniversary approaches, the podcast picks up steam, and Cameron’s pursuit of Sasha becomes increasingly intrusive. He isn’t the only one wondering what secrets she might be keeping: Quinn, loyal to the aunt she always idolized, is doing her own investigating. Meanwhile, Sasha begins to experience an unsettling series of sleepwalking episodes and coincidences, which all lead back to Violet. Pushed to her emotional limits, Sasha must finally confront the most painful truths about her sister, and herself, even at the risk of losing everything.


Alternating between Sasha’s narration and Cameron’s podcast transcripts, interspersed with documents that offer a tantalizing peek at Violet herself, Acts of Violet is an utterly original, propulsive story of fame, deception, and forgiveness that will make you believe in magic.

Out July 5, 2022


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"Mesmerizing... Montimore achieves a thoughtful, panoramic portrait of larger-than-life Violet while underscoring Sasha’s pain as she tries to grieve under an unforgiving public eye. This spellbinding effort delivers its fair share of magic." — Publishers Weekly

"Like an enthralling magic trick itself, Acts of Violet asks readers to suspend their disbelief and rewards them for the effort."

"A spellbinding tale about magic, sisters, and forgiveness." — BookBub

“Montimore has written a layered story told in fragments of documents, emails, podcast transcripts, and narrated segments that jump through time, place, and voice. It’s a whirlwind of information and characters, much like a magic show with smoke, mirrors, and misdirection consuming the viewer’s attention before the final big reveal…A story of the lifetime bonds of sisterhood.” ―Kirkus

“With Acts of Violet, Montimore has once again concocted a story that's wildly imaginative, wholly original, and clever as hell. This novel is as mischievous and mysterious as its magical protagonist—and yet, at its heart, a touchingly sincere look at the meaning of sisterly love.”—Janelle Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Pretty Things


Acts of Violet is fresh, fun and fascinating escapism about the ultimate escape artist—I couldn't put it down as I tried to stay on top of Montimore’s authorial sleight of hand. Acts of Violet is another skillful blend of genres, from moving family drama and twisty thriller to insightful social commentary on fame, feminism, magic and media. Smart, suspenseful and always tantalizing, Acts of Violet will be your perfect summer read.”
—Natalie Jenner, internationally bestselling author of The Jane Austen Society

“Part mystery, part family drama, Acts of Violet is all magic. Best selling author Margarita Montimore brilliantly combines first person narrative, podcast transcripts, personal letters, and more to create a story that’s impossible to put down about what happens when the world’s most famous magician vanishes and leaves her sister to deal with the aftermath. Much like one of Violet’s magic tricks, you’ll find yourself in awe until the final reveal.”
—Kellye Garrett, Agatha, Anthony, and Lefty Award-winning author of Like a Sister

“Intricately woven and masterfully paced, Acts of Violet is the story of a world-famous magician gone missing. Creating characters that are simultaneously self-absorbed and endearing might be a tall order in a lesser writer’s hands, but Montimore rises to the challenge and then some. I read the whole thing in forty-eight hours, so desperate was I to solve this hypnotic, striking mystery. This one is not to be missed.”
—Stephanie Wrobel, author of Darling Rose Gold


“What an original, stylistic story of what’s real and what isn’t. After all, that’s the allure of magic. The twists keep coming in this story that asks how well we actually know the ones closest to us. Once again, Montimore dazzles in a tale of fame, family, and forgiveness.”
―Nancy Johnson, author of The Kindest Lie

“Mortimore’s sophomore novel Acts of Violet is pure magic. A deft execution that will satisfy any true crime junkie. It will leave you believing in the legend that is Violet Volk.”
—Roselle Kim, author of Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop